Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great News from us to You

Hello Everyone,

This our first attempt at creating a blog. For weeks we have been trying to figure out how to communicate with all our far flung families & friends & we think we are finally on to something.

I would like to introduce my fiancee, Kurt Voelkelt. He has been a trusted friend & confidant for over two years, in fact he has been my landlord for that same time. Idid not recognize that God was preparing my hearts desires to be fulfilled. As is usually the case, Kurt, being the man, felt a stirring within his heart long before I was aware of any serious interest on his part. I was very cautious, but Kurt was ever so kind, patient & self sacrificing that I was constantly overwhelmed by the demonstration of Gods love working through this man. Little did I know that varied events would lead us to the point that we accepted that the Lord was calling us to contemplate a life together. I have appreciated your prayers on my behalf for so many years & want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am overwhelmed that God would so richly bless me at this time with the gift of a most wonderful man. All of you know my diligent search & struggle to find "Mr. Right" & there he was , living right next to me. I am most grateful that I allowed the Lord to work patience into my life as well as the grace to endure when I struggled.

Who would of thought this would happen!!! After years of diligent prayer, of constant seeking the Lords will & of patient wandering in many desolate places, we are so overwhelmed by the joy that resides within our hearts as we realize that our futures are intertwined forever.

On Oct 12, 2008, Kurt asked me if I would honor him by accepting his invitation to become his wife. It was with joy & peace that I accepted his declaration of love & support.

It was 26 years ago today, that I gave my heart to the Lord. He has challenged me to grow in His love all these years. One of the challenges has been, "be patient & trust me". As many of you know, Gods' timing is not ours & sometimes we get impatient, but if we wait upon the Lord, He will renew our strength & make us to rise upon eagles wings.

We are planning to be married on May 9th, 2009 here in the beautiful Ft. Collins, CO area. As our plans become more detailed, we will share them with you. As of now, we are planning on an outdoor event & pray that the Lord bless us with the beautiful Colorado weather & sunshine we are so used to.

We covet your ongoing prayers on our behalf that we might bring honor & glory to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

As we learn how this blog works, we will share more of our lives & the details of our encounter & the varied events leading us to this point in our lives.

With great joy & thankfulness, we hope to see you here for our wedding.

Blessings to all, WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!

Kurt & Patti*

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